Ceramic Pro 9H

Ceramic Pro 9H is a permanent nano-ceramic protective paint

coating. Its transparent 3D matrix structure protects the paint or

surface from scratches, graffiti, dirt, aging, premature oxidation, 

weathering, road salt, rock chips, bugs, bird droppings and even

acid rain. It offers excellent scratch, thermal (1382 degrees), UV,

oxidation, corrosion and chemical resistance. A surface that has

been sealed with Ceramic Pro 9H stays clean for a longer period

of time due to its smoothness and hydrophobic qualities.

Ceramic Pro 9H is permanent and can only be removed using

machine polish. The unique formulation of 9H has enabled it to

be multi-layered which means the thickness of the coating can

be increased with additional layers allowing a thicker/harder film

that will increase its scratch resistance.

Ceramic Pro Light

The super hydrophobic and anti-graffiti effects of Ceramic Pro

Light mean the coated surface will stay cleaner for longer as dirt

and grime will not stick to it. Ceramic Pro Light is highly durable

and leaves a high gloss surface once applied. 

  • Durability up to 24 months
  • Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • Weather & UV Resistance
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Anti-Graffiti
  • Advanced Chemical Resistance
  • Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant

Ceramic Pro Strong

Ceramic Pro Strong is the product used in more rough environments.

It is utilized as one component coating and should be applied in one layer.

Once sprayed on a surface it is comparable to 40 coats of 9H. Strong is

used on boat hulls, pipes, facades, rims, oil-rigs and many other industrial

surfaces and materials. It protects the surface from any harsh chemicals, 

dirt, UV and growth leaving surfaces with less friction. The product is

resistant to graffiti, solvents, acids, bases, and chemicals. 


Ceramic Pro Rain

Ceramic Pro Rain protects windows from dirt and water. This is mainly used 

for windshields on cars and visors on helmets. What differentiates Ceramic 

Pro Rain from similar products is the durability and the hydrophobic 

characteristics. Note! This is not rainex. Once applied the effects of this

product last up to a year.

  • Superhydrophobic effect -110 degrees.
  • Excellent wear resistance.
  • Keeps glass cleaner.
  • Allows water to roll off glass.

Ceramic Pro Sport

''SPORT'' -  Maintenance Coating was designed for Ceramic PRO 9H maintenance

which is an easy to install solution. You can use ''SPORT'' to maintain Ceramic

PRO 9H to keep the super hydrophobic effect and also avoid the water spots.

What you need to do is to preload ''SPORT'' into the microfiber cloth and then wipe

on the surface at the same time when you dry the surface after washing.

Ceramic Pro Textile

Ceramic Pro Textile reduces the surface energy

of textile or suede. When liquids come into contact

with the fabric, it forms beads and simply roll off

whilst keeping the textile substrate dry.

Ceramic Pro Plastic and Rubber

Ceramic Pro Plastic and Rubber is suitable for both interior and exterior.

Coated surfaces with Ceramic Pro Plastic and Rubber will give a hydrophobic

effect with wear resistance. The product works for both new and old products.


Ceramic Pro Leather

Ceramic Pro Leather has a super hydrophobic effect. Liquids spilled

bead up on surface and can easily be wiped away. The UV protection

prevents the leather to age. It makes old leather look new.


​Nano-Polish is the preparation process of the paint work as the final step to 

give the surface a high gloss and mirror effect. It is a water based solution

with no abrasive particles.

• Water Based Formula
• No Wax Contains
• No Silicon Contains
• No Abrasive Particle Contains
• High Coverage Of Swirling Marks
• Mirror and High Gloss Effect
• Color Renew and Saturate

Ceramic Pro Marine

Ceramic Pro offers protection for both the underwater and above water parts of any boat or yacht.

Harsh conditions of the underwater environment are a well-known problem to boat expert and lovers. Ceramic Pro offers protection against the corrosion created by salt water and the fouling on the hull caused by the accumulation of algaes and/or shells. Today’s procedures to clean the boats’ hull are exhausting and not very environmentally friendly. Our ceramic coating will make the surface so repellent to the harsh underwater elements that the cleaning process will no longer be a problem. Today, our Ceramic Pro products are protecting boats around world.

With the use of advanced nano-technology, Ceramic Pro delivers a product that will improve your vessels performance while protecting it from the elements.

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